Snoopy's Reunion

Snoopy's Reunion
Snoopy’s Reunion is a 23 minute Peanuts special that has very little going for it. Simply put there’s no conflict, and thus the show is un-engaging and unrewarding. Kids will see Snoopy’s rarely featured seven brothers and sisters on the cover of this DVD and want to meet them on screen at once.

Kids will get to see Snoopy’s littermates on screen together for the first time, but “Snoopy’s Reunion” offers very little beyond that. Molly, Rover, Andy, Olaf, Marbles, and Belle are a diverse bunch of beagles, but the script gives them very little personality and character beyond their looks, and I felt very little attachment to them. They are almost more like props than characters. Not even Snoopy’s brother Spike, who already established as a memorable character in the “Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show” was given a chance to shine.

Kids familiar with 1972’s “Snoopy Come Home” will scratch their heads at Snoopy’s re-imagined origin, which has been altered from “Snoopy Come Home”, in which Charlie Brown’s parents brought Snoopy for their son after he was bullied on the playground.

In “Snoopy’s Reunion”, Charlie Brown complains that his life is incomplete without a dog, so he takes the bus with Linus to the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm and buys Snoopy for just five Dollars with change from his piggy bank. Even as a small child, this made little sense to me, and I was disappointed in the lack of consistency with “Snoopy Come Home”, which nearly every Peanuts loving kid will have seen long before “Snoopy’s Reunion”.

“Snoopy’s Reunion” even contains a montage of Snoopy antics from previous Peanuts animated features, including “Snoopy Come Home”, so there is no way these animators weren’t aware of “Snoopy Come Home” while writing and planning this special.

Snoopy isn’t funny or clever like he usually is, the script of “Snoopy’s Reunion” renders him nearly as uninteresting as his brothers and sisters. The Snoopy clan spends nearly all of their screen playing instrumental country songs, one of which they perform twice in the short 23 minute running time.

The only regular characters aside from Snoopy are Charlie Brown, Linus, and Sally, and there’s not an ounce of humor or charm to be found amongst any of them in this outing. Snoopy’s original owner Lila from “Snoopy Come Home” makes an appearance, but all her presence does is siphon time that could have been spent exploring the new dog characters, who should have been the center of attention.

“Snoopy’s Reunion” could have been fun and interesting, but instead this “special” is anything but. Kids will jump at the the chance to see Snoopy’s family for the first time, but all they’ll get to see is exactly what’s on the cover of the DVD, Snoopy and his pack-mates playing in a band.

The current "remastered deluxe edition" of the Snoopy's Reunion DVD includes "It's Flashbeagle Charlie Brown!" as a so called "extra feature". "Flashbeagle" is a sorely dated and uninteresting montage of Snoopy and Franklin (why Franklin of all characters? Because he's black and "hip"?) dancing the night away at the local club. As a child of the late 80s and early 90s, this reference went straight over my head, and even as a small child I was left scratching my head wondering what purpose this half hour program served other than to sell advertising time on the night it first aired back in 1984.

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