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Chapter 17 - The Witches

This is another one of those "why bother even making a separate webpage?" chapters, which is kind of ironic because anyone whose been following these updates is aware that it's taken me weeks to get this up.

For all that happens in Chapter 17, there's really not a whole lot I have to say, aside from that I somehow totally forgot about the scene were Mrs. Coulter tries to kidnap Lyra while she's about to rejoin the Gyptians, which is probably in part due to me having watched the movie about 30 more times than I've read the book.

I'm guessing Mrs. Coulter has finally given up on any pretenses of being a kind person to Lyra now huh? Just grab her ass and worry about what you're actually going to do with her later.

I will probably go into this in more detail next chapter, but boy does Lee Scorseby's balloon sound like the last thing you would want to be traveling in weather like this with bullets and rockets flying around.

Is it me, or does the text style on this page look like it came from a Japanese instruction sheet? 

That aside, hey, I finished Part Two, only six more chapters to go baby! :D

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