STSH Page by Page - The Golden Compass

My intention with these Page by Page features is to read through the book one chapter at a time commenting on specifics as I go along, sort of like the literary version of a film commentary.

The subject of my first Page by Page will be Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials Book I - The Golden Compass, originally published as Northern Lights in the UK in 1995.

I loved this book like crazy from the moment I first cracked it open on my 20th birthday in January 2008 and I can’t imagine a time in my life when I still won’t love this book.

Though this should be pretty obvious, I feel it necessary to mention that these will contain SPOILERS!! for those who have not yet read The Golden Compass. In fact, if you've seen the film version of The Golden Compass put out by New Line, THIS WILL STILL MAJORLY SPOIL THE BOOK FOR YOU!! because New Line deleted last three chapters of the book from the film script, not to mention countless other subplots and details that will come as a pleasant (or not pleasant) surprise for those who have seen the film version first.

Additionally, in discussing The Golden Compass, I may also mention plot points of the other two books in the His Dark Materials trilogy, The Subtle Knife, and The Amber Spyglass. I will try to keep these mentions to a minimum and blacking out the spoilers I do mention as I know what its like to hold off on reading criticism of one book for fear of spoiling its sequels and I care about people being able to enjoy the books unspoiled.

I’ll be using the Laurel-Leaf Books 2007 US edition of The Golden Compass for text citations.

Chapter 1 - The Decanter of Tokay

Chapter 2 - The Idea of North

Chapter 3 - Lyra's Jordan

Chapter 4 - The Alethiometer

Chapter 5 - The Cocktail Party

Chapter 6 - The Throwing Nets

Chapter 7 - John Faa

Chapter 8 - Frustration

Chapter 9 - The Spies

Chapter 10 - The Consul and the Bear

Chapter 11 - Armor

Chapter 12 - The Lost Boy

Chapter 13 - Fencing

Chapter 14 - Bolvangar Lights

Chapter 15 - The Dæmon Cages

Chapter 16 - The Silver Guillotine

Chapter 17 - The Witches

Chapter 18 - Fog and Ice

Chapter 19 - Captivity

Chapter 20 - Mortal Combat

Chapter 21 - Lord Asriel's Welcome

Chapter 22 - Betrayal

Chapter 23 - The Bridge to the Stars

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